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Medieval Town of Rhodes
The beautiful Medieval Town of Rhodes, an alley of varied architectures from different times, was proclaimed UNESCO in 1998 as a World Heritage City. Walking through the narrow streets within her walls, you will see legends, myths and fairy tales with knights in front of your eyes. Undoubtedly, the most obvious influences on its architecture are those of the Order of the Knights of St. John and of the Ottomans. Today, the Medieval City is a lively place where the heart of tourism, commerce and entertainment in the Emerald Island is the strongest.
* In the Medieval Town of Rhodes you will discover some of the most famous restaurants and bars of Rhodes.
Grand Master's Palace
The most remarkable monument since the domination of the Order of the Knights of St. John on the island of Rhodes, the Palace of the Grand Master is impressive and imposing as you ascend the Knights Street in the Medieval Town of Rhodes. Built in the position of the lower Acropolis of Ancient Rhodes, at the starting point of the temple of God the Sun, the palace was created in the 14th century by the Knights of St. John to be the personal residence of the Grand Master, and at the same time serving as the administrative center town. The palace was destroyed in 1856 following a strong gunpowder explosion and was rebuilt in 1940 by the Italians, who followed his original plans, and was the command and residence of the Italian governor. Objects that stir the interest are mosaic floors, medieval furniture, columns and capitals, mirrors and paintings.
The harbor just outside the Medieval Town of Rhodes is called Mandraki and is believed to have been the main port of Rhodes during antiquity. Its name derives from the word pen (closed-walled port), and was used by the Order of the Knights of St. John to bind their warship. Today, Mandraki offers a sea-view tour while admiring its interesting sights. Start your walk from the point where the characteristic three mills are located and continue towards the marina entrance. There, they rise in cylindrical columns - reference points of Rhodes, Elaphos and Elafina, where one of the seven wonders of the world, the famous Colossus of Rhodes, once dominated. Continuing your stroll, you will meet the impressive metropolitan church of Evangelismos, while at the end of the coast you will find the characteristic Elli building.
Kallithea springs
At 9 km from Rhodes you will meet the famous Sources of Kallithea. It is a monument of unparalleled beauty and special architecture. The Sources of Kallithea have been known all the way from ancient times for the beneficial properties of the water that has been spilling and still continues to flow from the rocks. Indeed, they attracted people both from the surrounding islands and the Asia Minor coasts and from the depths of the East. The waters of the springs are therapeutic for diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, dermatoses, asthma etc. A tour here is enough to take you to another era, simply by looking at the magnificence of the place, the impressive mosaics, the Rotunda Hall with a 14-meter-high vault and elaborate decoration. In its closed circular space, exhibitions of painting and photography are hosted, while in the open air part there are concerts, dancing and theatrical performances, speeches, etc. with sea view. Enjoy their beautiful corners and pictures with colorful bougainvilleas, tourist shops, island cafes and taverns. Some of the most important sights are the famous Acropolis of Lindos with the ruins of the Temple of Athena Lindia, built in the 4th century BC, the Knights Command and the Church of St. John. If you can not climb the uphill alleys that lead up there, the nice donkeys that you will find at the entrance of the village are willing to offer you a very picturesque and romantic walk.
The valley with the butterflies
Near the village of Theologos, you can visit the famous Butterfly Valley. It sounds your dream place and it really is! It is also one of the most famous sights of Rhodes that definitely deserves your visit. It is a rare habitat that hosts the Panaxia Quadripunctaria butterfly (a very rare species that is found in very few places around the world), which makes its appearance in this unique natural park during the period from mid June until the end of September. It is a small and somewhat dark pine-covered valley, crossed by a stream, shady trails, well-formed ponds and small waterfalls. You can also see wooden bridges in various parts of the small Pelekanos River (from which the valley crosses) and a restaurant overlooking a waterfall. During your visit, you will notice gray butterflies sleeping on the shady sides of tree trunks or around the roots. The sight of the butterfly colony is by itself magnificent, but if the butterflies are awake they form a cloud, which is very impressive, as it reveals the orange color of their wings.
Ancient Kamiros
With the excavations of 1929, the ruins of Ancient Kamiros were discovered, 30 km southwest of the Medieval Town of Rhodes. It is one of the three ancient cities of Rhodes - the other two are Lindos and Ialysos - which was an important commercial center of the island during the Archaic and Hellenistic periods. In the archaeological site there are still houses and buildings, the main street of the city, traces of the temple of Athena, the ancient market, the Hellenistic mosque, the Doric temple and some arches, as well as the ruins of the aqueduct.
Many give it the name "Cycladic of Rhodes". Lindos, in the southeastern part of the island and 50 km from the center of Rhodes Town, is amphitheatrically built and welcomes you with its pale white "smile". The entrance of the cars in the settlement is forbidden, so you will leave your car in the municipal parking area, before the turn leading you to Lindos's main square, and you will experience the highly photographed and beautiful pedestrian destination. Peaceful streets with impressive captains (these buildings feature characteristic pebble yards) invite you to get lost in them.